Yik Fung Ordering System

About Us

“Yik Fung Scientific Co.” was established by Mr. Au Cheong, Horace in 1980 as a Supplier of laboratory equipment, scientific instruments and industrial testing equipment imported from England , Germany , U.S.A. , Taiwan , Korea , China , India, Malaysia and Pakistan or made locally under our brand name “Yik Fung” .

Not only as a local supplier, we also export our products to many sub-dealers in Macau , China , Malaysia, Singapore and etc…… We are also registered as HKSAR Government and Education Materials Supplier with Code No.0096727.

With well-experienced engineers and salesmen, we can provide our best advice, after-sales service and repairs of our products.

Scope of Products
General laboratory apparatus and equipment, medical instrument, safety and disinfectant products, 3 ply surgical mask, plant and animal models, geographical and environmental instruments, glass wares and apparatus, plastic wares, microscopes, human anatomical models, laboratory coat, electronic balances, stainless steel trolleys and etc.